Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Response to Tall Brunette: The PMS Song

The Musical Advice Column has been online for a week now and I am totally astonished at how many people are into it. What started out as a weird, late-night idea is quickly becoming a daily songwriting project. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks so much for tuning into my little corner of the web and leaving me your kind comments. Also, thanks to those of you who have written in! I am having a ton of fun reading your letters and coming up with responses.

There are some good things in the works for this week: an accordion/cowbell number, a country western song, advice on how to deal with messy boyfriends, and more! I'm even going to start bringing in a guest musician or two to keep things interesting.

But enough about all of that. Here's today's letter:

When I'm on my period, everyone hates me and thinks I'm a total mega bitch. And also, sometimes I'm an ultra bitch to stupid and mean people, but then I blame it on my period (which I might not actually be on.)
Do you know I can be a woman AND keep my friends? Do I need to do hand out bullet proof vests for every week out of four?
Or should I just get my lady parts removed?

Tall Brunette

Aaaand here's the part where I break into a cheery little tune about PMS:

That's all. Happy Tuesday. Or Wednesday, since Tuesday is almost over and many of you will read this on Wednesday. Yes. Happy Wednesday.

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  1. combining population and reputation... I LOVE IT!